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Paris Hilton Says Hi To The Philippines

The popular celebrity socialite Paris Hilton is here on a 5-day visit in the Philippines. In her recent tweet, Hilton said, “Hi everyone in the Philippines. I’m coming out there and I’m really excited to see you all and also excited doing a very exciting project there.” So yeah, Paris Hilton fans are going to […]

Paris Hilton – Nylon Magazine Cover Girl for November 2008

Paris Hilton is the cover girl of the November 2008 issue of Nylon Magazine entitled “The America Issue”. And guess what, inside the magazine she talks about crap, I mean, whatever she’s blabbing I’m sure I’m not gonna be interested. I just want to see her rip it all off. But for the sake of […]

Paris Hilton Wants To Open A Club in Vegas

Yeah right! Socialite Paris Hilton is opening a club in Las Vegas; well that’s the only thing, which I think, she may be very good at.

Paris Hilton Is Inlove! Char!

Here’s another look at Paris Hilton and her rocker boylet Benjie Madden spending almost two months on tour. Look at the couple do they look so sweet? Aww!! It’s like two lovebirds in sweet autumn. They are too in love the cupids are left jobless. Just recently Paris wrote on her MySpace celebrity blog, “I’ve […]

Topless Pictures of Paris Hilton in 944 Magazine

Sexy Celebrity Paris Hilton posed topless in the latest issue of 944 Magazine. Well I think she looks kinda sexy in her pictorial, although I sometimes get bored staring at her nude photos cause it’s already exposed and rampant on the internet. Let’s just pretend that we don’t know the hot heiress and that she’s […]

Paris is back from the Beach!

Okay! The heiress just came back from a family vacation in Hawaii over the Christmas holiday. Guess what Paris was doing after swimming and relaxing at the beach; she’s back in her partying antics once again. The not-to-be heiress was spotted wearing a gold dress and partying all night in Los Angeles on Thursday. Looks […]

The Hottie and the Nottie

Whoa! Goosebumps all over me. Looks like Paris Hilton‘s upcoming romantic comedy film is already being exposed to the world. And I truly believe in the saying that “if its Paris it sells.” While watching the photo, I was imagining Paris being the nottie. What if Paris’ life was not as glamorous and fabulous at […]