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Watch UFC 109 Live Stream – Justin TV

You can now watch UFC 109 live stream video here for free via Justin TV. UFC 109 Main Fight Card * Light Heavyweight bout: United States Randy Couture vs. United States Mark Coleman * Middleweight bout: United States Nate Marquardt vs. United States Chael Sonnen * Welterweight bout: United States Mike Swick vs. Brazil Paulo […]

FHMs List of Hottest Female Athletes in the Olympics

Well it’s now time to feature some of the hottest female athletes that participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. These list of women not only dominate the sporting arena, but also dominate the eyes of the crowd. Check out some of FHM’s top list of the sexiest women who dominate the world of sports.

Another Paris Hilton Private Photo: Look at the Foot!

Geez! What’s that thing in Paris Hilton’s foot? It looks like an athlete’s foot. Lol What could have probably caused that skin irritation? You decide folks, I leave the voting poll to you… Opinion Polls & Market Research


Welcome to my blog! Finally, I have already bought my own domain Obviously, this blog of mine is currently undergoing development. I am still new to this wordpress platform, so I am having quite a hard time understanding its functionality. So please bear with me as I tweak my brain out of this mess. […]


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