Heather Morris of Glee Leaked Photos Hits The Web

It seems like smart phones are now popular with celebrities as we get to see what they’re doing privately whenever their leaked pictures show up on the internet. Glee’s Heather Morris had her personal photos without clothes on leaked when her cellphone got hacked. The alleged leaked scandal photos of Heather Morris are now being spread like wildfire on the world wide web.

Oh I just love her character on Glee just playing stupid and innocent and all, but well, she really is in real life. Guess we’d be watching out for more celebrity leaks this time. More Heather Morris leaked photos without clothes on after the jump.

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Christina Hendricks Personal Pics Leaked Online

Sexy photos of the Mad Men star Christina Hendricks were leaked on the internet and whoa she really has ginormous boobs that men would definitely crave for. According to reports, Christina’s cell phone got hacked which resulted to some of her personal photos being leaked to the public. One photo shows the hot redhead actress sporting a pair of glasses and long sleeved shirt. The cyberpunk also posted a picture purported to show Christina in the buff. We have no idea if the images are real or fake, but again it was confirmed by her rep that it was indeed her and that her photos were stolen when her phone got hacked.

Some of the photos show a bustier Christina Hendricks barely dressed, without make-up, presumably at home. Check them out after the jump.

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KC Concepcion Heats Up Rogue Magazine’s Cover

It looks like the Mega Star’s daughter KC Concepcion is ready to show the world what she’s got in the latest issue of Rogue Magazine. We’re truly blessed in the Year of the Dragon as we get to see KC in her most daring and sexy pictorial ever. It’s a good thing she broke up with her allegedly gay beau Piolo Pascual cause now we get to see her strut her stuff in this magazine.

And now for the fun part, check out KC Concepcion’s Rogue magazine photos after the jump.

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Ramgen Revilla – Janelle Manahan Video Scandal

An alleged scandal video of deceased actor Ramgen Revilla and girlfriend Janelle Manahan has been uploaded on the internet. The said Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan video scandal was posted earlier this week on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many surfers searched the internet and found out that the video was indeed true, and that the couple shown in the scandal video were Ramgen Revilla and his girlfriend Janelle Manahan doing the deed in the bathroom.

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Miley Cyrus Shares an Awesome TwitPic

Miley Cyrus is in for some fun time with her Twitter account as she shares an interesting twitpic of herself posing as if something’s not poking on her top. Well, at least we get to see some pictures of the pop star and we’re pretty sure more will be revealed in the coming days and we sure wouldn’t miss that opportunity to get a glimpse of what the star has to offer. These awesome nip poking twitpics are surely gonna be a day starter. And by the way, as an addition, I’m sharing one of Miley Cyrus’ leaked personal picture below as an appetizer. Enjoy!

Check out Miley Cyrus braless twitpic after the jump.

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Kelly Brook Posts Twitter Pic Of Herself Without Clothes On

British actress and model Kelly Brook proves to the world that she is indeed the one controlling her official Twitter account @IamKellyBrook by posting a sexy self portrait of hers standing in front of a mirror without any clothes on.

The uber sexy photo that Kelly Brook uploaded on Twitter is just one way of saying to her fans, Hey I’m on Twitter, Follow Me!!  She even wrote on the social media site, “Leaked photo!! See it’s me!!!!”. Are you gummy bears satisfied now? Although, we’re currently dissatisfied with the curled hair covering those ginormous chupacabras.

Check out Kelly Brook’s twitpic after the jump.

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Selena Gomez Panty Peek to Lighten Up Your Day

While leaving a salon in West Hollywood, Selena Gomez accidentally gave the paparazzis a reason for them to catch a peek of what Justin Bieber’s been fondling for quite sometime now. Catch a glimpse of Selena Gomez’ inaugural panty peek moment and I’m pretty sure this would shed some light to this very dull moment in your life right now. Enjoy!

Check out more Selena Gomez panty peek photos after the jump.

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Ashton Kutcher Alleged Mistress Sara Leal Leaked Photos

Alleged mistress of actor Ashton Kutcher, Sara Leal is making waves for some raunchy party scandal pictures of her showing off her top that leaked online. The Sara Leal photos which you are about to see might make you think how Ashton Kutcher got involved with this hot babe. Despite all the cheating rumors that Ashton Kutcher allegedly did to his lovely wife Demi Moore we still can’t deny the fact that Sara Leal is younger and way hotter than Ashton’s wife. Young girls like Sara Leal would definitely love to party a lot and these pictures are living proof that she enjoy them much!

More Sara Leal scandal pictures for your eyes only after the jump.

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Scarlett Johansson Leaked Photos Without Clothes On

The Avengers star Scarlett Johansson is the latest victim of celebrities whose phones have been hacked exposing their private photos on the internet. The 26-year-old’s explicit self-portraits were leaked a few days ago and is now spreading online. According to reports, the said Scarlett Johansson leaked scandal photos were taken using her Blackberry 9000. Their were only two photos that leaked online where she can bee seen in a towel with an exposed behind, while another shows her without a top.

A few months ago, those Blake Lively scandal photos were leaked and now we finally get a chance to see those ginormous Johansson’s that we’ve been praying for, so we’re really blessed by the online gods. All is well my friends, all is well!!!

See the alleged Scarlett Johansson scandal pictures after the jump.

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Megan Fox Looks Gorgeous in Elle China

Megan Fox is now penetrating the Asian population as she’s seen on the cover of Elle China Magazine flaunting her gorgeous rack for almost 2 billion people in China. The ex-Transformers hottie is now spreading her gorgeous assets on every news stands in every corner, which, I think would result to a massive increase in birth rate over the next 9 months. Watchu think?

Anyways, head below to see these sexy pictures of Megan Fox.

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